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There are many other complications associated with this form of the disease. Their list includes peritonitis, choroiditis, pericarditis, lymphadenopathy, infective endocarditis, ulcerative colitis, meningitis, encephalitis, etc. Chronic disseminated histoplasmosis proceeds more sluggishly - there are practically no symptoms of intoxication and patients go to the doctor already in the presence of topamax of one or moreother organ system. However, in almost every case, such an ailment leads to the development of severe complications. Features of the course of the disease in children and people with weakened immune systems.

Even the smallest patients are not immune from a disease called histoplasmosis. Symptoms in children are quite characteristic. First, there is a fever - the body temperature rises to buy topiramate online. In addition, you can notice pallor, sometimes even yellowness of the skin, which is associated with some disorders in the liver. Some parents also note that their child has diarrhea with a rather unpleasant odor. On examination, an increase in the size of the spleen and liver can be noted.

In most cases, in children, the disease proceeds according to the disseminated type. The same applies to patients with a weakened immune system. their illness proceeds in very severe forms, so drug therapy is essential. Separately, it is worth mentioning people with HIV infection, because the immune system in such patients is very weakened. In the absence of therapy, everything ends in death in almost 80% of cases. But with well-conducted treatment, this figure decreases to 15%. Unfortunately, patients diagnosed with AIDS cannot be saved - the mortality rate among this group of patients is 100%, since even large doses of the drug cannot protect against subsequent relapse. That is why patients with the fungal infection we are considering are also recommended to be tested for HIV.


Buy generic topiramate over the counter

Passport Rehabilitation Pre-book Immediately it should be said that only a doctor after a thorough examination can determine the patient's histoplasmosis. Diagnosis of this disease is a long process. Research here is aimed not only at identifying the pathogen, but also at assessing the damage caused to the body by the infection. The diagnosis is confirmed after isolation from samples of the Histoplasma capsulatum strain. Sputum from the respiratory tract, as well as washings from the bronchi, are suitable for analysis. In the disseminated form of the disease, the pathogen can be found in the blood, feces, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and the contents of abscesses. In the laboratory, bacteriological culture is carried out on a nutrient medium.

In some cases, a biopsy of the lymph nodes or bronchi is necessary, as well as tissue sampling from the edges of skin ulcers - the samples taken are then amenable to histological examination. These are not all the methods by which histoplasmosis can be detected. Diagnosis often includes serotological reactions, as well as an intradermal test with histoplasmin. In addition, other studies are being conducted to order cheap topamax online determine the state of the body. For example, radiography of the lungs makes it possible to see large and medium focal infiltrates, which are characteristic of the acute stage of the disease.

What to do if you have histoplasmosis? Treatment in this case is selected individually. Important! In no case should you neglect the advice of a doctor or refuse therapy, as this can lead to very dangerous consequences. The choice of therapy depends on many factors. It is necessary to take into account the severity of the disease, its form, the degree of damage to certain organs, the age of the patient, the state of his immune system, etc. Histoplasmosis of mild to moderate severity does not require the use of topiramate pills, which in themselves are quite toxic.

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  • As a rule, in such cases, patients are recommended bed rest, proper nutrition, and plenty of topamax.
  • Symptomatic therapy is also carried out, which may include taking antipyretics, vitamin complexes, antihistamines.
  • In more severe cases, antifungal therapy is needed. For this purpose, various drugs are used.
  • The most effective drugs are Ketoconazole, Itraconazole, Amphoglucamine, Amphotericin B. Symptomatic treatment is also necessary.
  • In the presence of skin or eye lesions, anti-inflammatory drugs are used, often corticosteroids.
  • Since the lungs are the first to suffer from infection, patients are prescribed special medicinal inhalations that help prevent tissue changes and facilitate the patient's breathing.
  • In severe complications, surgical interventions are sometimes required, in particular, the removal of lymphatic corners in case of severe abscess, pericardial puncture, prosthetic heart valves (if the infection affects the heart tissue), lung resection in case of severe complications, etc.
  • It is worth saying that severe complications with timely started and properly conducted treatment are observed very rarely and most often among patients with a severely weakened immune system.
  • For most people, the prognosis is quite favorable - histoplasmosis is easily amenable to buy topiramate drug treatment, and its symptoms subside rather quickly.
  • Today, many are interested in questions about what constitutes histoplasmosis.
  • On the other hand, patients often ask questions about whether it is possible to somehow prevent the onset of the disease.